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About Necroparthenophagy

Coronzon Vomited from the Void, CORONZON used inspiration from bands like BURZUM, XASTHUR and HATE FOREST to form NECROPARTHENOPHAGY, a brutal raw black metal band. CORONZON (pronounced "koh-roh-en-zod-oh-en"), the band's sole member, performs the vocals and plays all instruments.

CORONZON (more commonly, but perhaps less correctly, spelled "Choronzon") is the name of a celestial intelligence first mentioned in the transcripts of the conversations that took place between a hierarchy of spiritual beings and Edward Kelley, an alchemist, who first made contact with them while crystal-gazing. Kelley dictated these communications -- while scrying -- to Elizabethan mathematician and magician Dr. John Dee.

These beings identified themselves as the angels that had instructed the patriarch Enoch in the holy magic of God. The spirits taught Kelley and Dee a Divine Language -- the same one spoken by Adam, the first man -- as a means of them communicating directly with angels.

The language became known as "Enochian," and is a crucial component of Aleister Crowley's work.

The title track of NECROPARTHENOPHAGY's debut album, LAIAD CHIS ANANAEL, translates to "the secrets of truth are of the secret wisdom" from Kelley and Dee's Angelic Language. All NECROPARTHENOPHAGY lyrics are written and sung in authentic Enochian.